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Poppy Planting 2013

The FEPOW Poppy Plot

The FEPOW Poppy Plot at Westminster Abbey Fields of Remembrance in November 2013.

George Housego MBE represented all FEPOWs and was introduced to HRH Prince Philip, The Duke of Edinburgh and
HRH Prince Henry of Wales attended the opening of the Fields of Remembrance for the first time.


HRH Prince Philip, The Duke of Edinburgh

HRH Prince Philip, The Duke of Edinburgh





HRH Prince Henry of Wales







View the FEPOW Poppy plot at the Field of Remembrance Westminster Abbey


Poppy Crosses

NFFWRA assists the named representative with the administration of the FEPOW plot at the Field of Remembrance at Westminster. This is in order to enable poppy crosses to be planted in memory of the Far East Prisoners of War.

Representatives from the London FEPOW Remembrance Social Club currently plant the poppies.

The opening ceremony takes places on the Thursday prior to Remembrance Sunday and is usually attended by a senior member of the Royal Household, who then conducts a review of the plots.


HRH The Duke of Edinburgh greets FEPOW representative George Housego MBE

Hayling Island 2012 079

The FEPOW Poppy Plot



George Housego MBE and his partner June Elkington-Housego


Poppy Planting 2012


The FEPOW Poppy Plot in the Fields of Remembrance at Westminster Abbey November 2012


HRH the Duke of Edinburgh and George Housego MBE


The Dean of Westminster greets George Housego MBE







June Elkington – Housego and George Housego MBE at the FEPOW Poppy Plot