National FEPOW Fellowship Welfare Remembrance Association


NFFWRA is the national association providing practical help and assistance to former FEPOWs (Far East Prisoners of War) their wives and widows.

Our Association can assist with arranging home adaptations and mobility equipment for former FEPOWs, their wives or widows and arrange financial payments for hospital stays, Nursing Home Grants, Information about Reunions (twice a year) and Reunion Grants plus a transport grant to such Reunions.


‘To keep going the Spirit that kept them going’ of the Far East Prisoners of War imprisoned by the Japanese during the hostilities of 1941 – 1945.

To look after the living FEPOWs by remaining in close contact with, and being a point of contact for all individual Fepows, Spouses and Widows.

Where reference is made to FEPOWs, this also includes civilian internees.

To assist the Royal British Legion with the administration of welfare other than grants, to arrange social events, including reunions, to assist in arranging the Royal British Legion holiday breaks and to advise and embrace the existing FEPOW Clubs and Associations in order to assist when called upon.

To continue to assist the named representative with the administration of the Field of Remembrance at Westminster and to take on the responsibility of the poppy planting when there are no more actual FEPOWs with us, as recorded by the late Fred Ryall, MBE, former Vice President of N.F.F.C.A and President of the London Club and as agreed by the Royal British Legion Poppy Factory.


Associate Membership shall be to relations of FEPOWs, and those with an interest in learning more of the FEPOW experiences.

N.B. Full Membership shall be to FEPOWs, spouses and widows, for whom there will be no annual subscription!

The annual subscription fee for Associate Members is £10.00 minimum per household or Associate members may contribute £10 per person to assist with administrative costs, which will be reviewed annually at the AGM.

Please make cheques payable to: N.F.F.W.R.A.  (National FEPOW Fellowship Welfare/Remembrance Association).

Please return the form below to the Treasurer, Mrs Lynda Burrows, 10 Heath Crescent, Norwich, Norfolk, NR6 6XD

  • Associate Membership is voluntary and does not require membership of any other FEPOW related organisation in order to become a member.
  • Neither is it a requirement to be an associate member in order to attend our Reunions and or other events.
  • All Associate Members subscriptions will be used for the benefit of FEPOWs, wives and widows

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Making a Donation

Please make a gift to the National FEPOW Fellowship Welfare Remembrance Association and help former FEPOWs, their wives and widows in need.

To make your donation, please complete the form below and return it to:

NFFWRA Treasurer, Mrs Lynda Burrows, 10 Heath Crescent, Norwich, Norfolk, NR6 6XD










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I would like to make a gift of: £……………

Please make cheques payable to: N.F.F.W.R.A.  (National FEPOW Fellowship Welfare/Remembrance Association)



We really value your support and wish you to know that all donations received go towards providing support for FEPOWs, wives and widows in need.

Your details are not forwarded to any other organisations and remain confidential to the NFFWRA Executive

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