WELFARE for FEPOWs, wives and widows and civilian internees

Applications can be made to NFFWRA for a number of grants as follows:

1. Grant towards the cost of attending a reunion
A grant of £25 per night will be paid to each FEPOW/ Wife/Widow/Civilian Internee towards the cost of accommodation for a minimum of 2 nights, maximum of 3 nights to attend 1 reunion in any one calendar year, April to April

2. A Grant towards the cost of travelling to a Reunion or FEPOW related event
The normal criteria with regard to net income will not be applied.

3. Hospital Payments
Should you be admitted to hospital the NFFWRA Grants officer is able to claim on your behalf an allowance of £5 per day (minimum of 3 days and maximum of 42 in any one year) – with no means testing. All that is required is a form from the hospital noting your date of admittance and date of discharge.

4. Nursing Home Grants
Grants are available should you need to reside in a Care Home, respite care, or a residential or nursing home. The allowance is £25 per month for a period of up to 6 months, there may be some flexibility and the period extended at the discretion of the Grants Officer.

Forms for all grants can be obtained from the NFFWRA Grants Officer who is required to verify the applications in accordance with the terms and conditions as agreed by the Royal British Legion and NFFWRA.

There are other payments available, e.g. towards a stair lift, wheelchair, even alterations to your home. Please contact the grants officer for more details of where these may be obtained.