VJ Day 70 Souvenir CD Available

NFFWRA VJ Day 70 Special Purchase for funds and memories of our VJ Day 70 Evening Supper at the Union Jack Club

Those of you who attended the supper at the Union Jack Club following the day’s events at St Martin-in-the-Fields, Horse Guards Parade and the Westminster Abbey gardens, will remember the tribute to the 1940’s cabaret performed by Lauren, the daughter of NFFWRA Secretary Pauline Simpson. It was touch and go whether Lauren would be on leave from her cruise ship the MS ‘Astor’ where she works as a singer/dancer/pianist, in time to perform for you. Luckily with only a week to go Lauren was able to make it. During the evening many of you asked Lauren if she had a CD that they could purchase and unfortunately for this particular cabaret she had not yet recorded one. Whilst she has been home she has been to the recording studio, designed a cover and the CD is now available for you to purchase. Proceeds will be paid into our funds following the expenses involved in paying for the time in the recording studio,  printing the cover and purchasing the CD sleeves.  The CD costs just £10 incl. Postage and can be ordered by email to enquiries@nationalfepowfellowship.org.uk. You will then be asked to send a cheque payable to FEPOW Group A/C.


It was great to see our new pin badges being worn on VJ Day in London. If you have not yet managed to get hold of one please get in touch with Tony Burrows, our Chairman, via email enquiries@nationalfepowfellowship.org.uk.