Comments from veterans and their families attending the VJ70 Day commemorations

Here are just some of the many comments received from veterans and their families attending the London commemorations

The Service at St Martin-in -the Fields – “The highlight of the day – a beautiful and fitting location with different perspectives of remembrance, the beautiful voices of the choir, the veterans great grandchildren lighting the candles, so symbolic of keeping the memories of the fallen but also, keeping alive the horrors of war and the need for prevention”.

“Beautiful, appropriate and well organised and we appreciated the presence of the Royal family and the Prime Minister”                                The beautiful hymns, the combination of the choir and the band was electric.

Thank you for such a wonderful service, it just hit the right note.
I thought the whole day was wonderful….  the simplicity and intimacy was very touching and moving. It was brilliant that the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh were there. A real credit to you and all the veterans.

“The continued feeling of camaraderie – the buzz of conversation among the veterans and their families – so many meaningful conversations about the fallen, war, life and spirit.”

The glint in the veterans eyes, recognising that same spirit that sustained them through the horror of the camps and which has led to the ripe old age of so many.

The walk down Whitehall was exhilarating – the clapping and cheering – people came to cheer the veterans and pay their respects and gave the veterans the welcome they had waited 70 years to receive.

Veterans skipped and made contact with the crowd, kissed each other and hugged over the barriers. There was much laughter and smiles stretched from ear to ear.

It was incredible, something which we will never forget……..We no longer feel “The Forgotten Army”

An incredible spectacle!                                The crowds were amazing, my father had the time of his life!

A very tiring but unforgettable day…….. Many thanks for organising such a wonderful event

I was privileged to attend the events on VJ Day 70 in St Martins then Horse Guards, Reception then dinner at the UJC

As stated to Pauline Simpson, it was an amazing day, a lot of hard work and stress in her part but I’m sure she will be proud of it all

I will ever be grateful for the experience…………………..completely different from the 50th Anniversary at Buckingham Palace and Horse Guards the following day.

My friends and I thoroughly enjoyed it all, our stay at the UJC, Church service, fellowship, dinner etc etc….so much to remember…and so many lovely people.

Quote from a daughter of a FEPOW

I want to write to thank you for all your help in acquiring tickets for the FEPOW / VJ Service last Saturday. It was such a special day in so many ways & Dad really enjoyed it all. I was quite nervous about the ‘expedition’ as it was not without the complications you would expect with a 96 year old, but it could not have gone more smoothly. We had marvellous seats during the service, and were very touched by Bishop Nigel’s sermon. Dad particularly loves music and hymns and was quite moved by the fanfares & drum rolls. A kind person in a high-vis jacket escorted us across Trafalgar Square, and then we had excellent seats for the Drumhead Service. I will never forget the seemingly never-ending applause as we wheeled him down Whitehall. He was a bit overcome at that moment – weren’t we all? He could not quite understand why people kept coming up to him and shaking his hand and saying thank you – or ‘you are a real soldier’. He has never really dwelled on what happened in the war, and just moved forward.  Saturday was such an eye opener for him, to be amongst other people with similar experiences and stories.
They really are a strong generation and an inspiration to us all.

The whole day was so well organised, and so well supported by all the Service personnel and the volunteers it took away all my worries. I felt so proud of Dad, and to be British and take part in a unique and very British occasion. Thank you for your help in making it come together.