Birmingham FEPOW Association 70th Anniversary of the Japanese Surrender

NFFWRA Secretary Pauline Simpson and her husband Jerry were delighted to be invited by Ken Coy, Vice Chairman and Treasurer of the Birmingham FEPOW Association, to a lunch at the Holiday Inn in Birmingham on 2nd September 2015, commemorating the 70th Anniversary of the Signing of the Surrender of the Japanese. As the FEPOW Chaplain, Pauline was invited to say grace and also to talk about the VJ70 Day Service at St Martin-in-the-Fields on 15th August 2015. Pauline and Jerry was delighted to meet up with friends not seen for a while, especially Pam Stubbs, Secretary of the Birmingham FEPOW Association, and to make new acquaintances.

medallianIt was a great surprise for Pauline to be presented personally with a medallion commemorating this Anniversary by Nick Roberts, the NFFWRA Standard Bearer, along with FEPOWs and other selected guests.

As many will know from a previous newsletter NFFWRA gave their support and offered financial assistance to the Birmingham Association to produce this medallion which was being offered to every FEPOW. The medallion with a brass plate could be engraved with the FEPOW name and number and came with a booklet and CD on the final days of the Japanese’s occupation resulting in the dropping of the atomic bomb with the surrender being signed on the 2nd September 1945 in Tokyo Bay.

The medallion was the idea of FEPOW Tom McKie who made it possible for it to be produced in memory of his wife Jean. As a result of the support of NFFWRA, Ken very kindly allocated us some medallions to distribute in a way appropriate to our Association. Pauline  has presented medallions to those who are family members of FEPOWs who took part in the VJ70 Day service at St Martin-in-the-Fields.  A number were presented to key people involved in the October/November 2015 trip to the Far East organised by NFFWRA Committee members Gerry and Lynda Norden under the umbrella of the Royal British Legion.

Pauline  received a number of orders for the medallion. Just to confirm that all FEPOWs will receive a medallion in due course.

Anyone else wishing to order a medallion, please email: