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Her Majesty The Queen to Attend the full, all ticket, NFFWRA Service on VJ Day

This is an update on the programme of events in London to commemorate VJ (Victory over Japan) on Saturday 15th August 2015. It contains some important changes.


We are delighted that Her Majesty the Queen and Prince Philip are to attend the service, organised by NFFWRA, at 11am at the Church of St Martin’s-in-the-Fields, Trafalgar Square.

As previously announced, all 950 tickets for the service have been allocated so please do not attempt to enter the church without a ticket because obviously security will be tight and only ticket holders will be admitted. Ticket holders will not be admitted to the church before 10am and will now be required to bring photographic proof of identity in order to be allowed in.

Any FEPOW, wife or widow without a ticket for the service should email to be put on a priority waiting list for any tickets that may be returned.

Unfortunately the additional demands for space in the church arising from the attendance of The Queen, mean that there is now no possibility of Children of FEPOWS, or others wishing to attend, who do not already have a ticket, being allocated a returned ticket, so please do not apply for one.

The general public will be able to watch the afternoon events from Whitehall and St.James’s Park

After the Service

Those attending the service, and the general public, may proceed to Horse Guards Parade afterwards.

We are delighted that HRH the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall will attend the Drumhead Service and Wreath laying and the Reception at College Gardens, Westminster Abbey.

14:00               Drumhead Service and Flypast on Horse Guards Parade to include a Dakota

15:00               Veterans’ parade down Whitehall passing by the cenotaph where wreaths will be                                  collected from you where applicable. There will be the opportunity for others to                                     lay wreaths when the parade has passed.

There will be wheel chairs available (but do bring your own where possible) and a shuttle train will be available to take you from Horse guards to Westminster if you are unable to march

15:30                 Afternoon reception for veterans and VIP guests at College Gardens,                                                   Westminster Abbey hosted by The Royal British Legion

18:00                Close

An accreditation process for tickets is in place for those eligible to attend the seated Drumhead Service, as outlined below:-

  1. Accreditation for Veterans and Widows (Blue highlighted form)

(You will be able to attend full programme of events including the Drumhead Service, Parade and Afternoon Reception)

  • Veterans are Burma Star or Pacific Star holders.
  • Widows of those who held this military decoration are also eligible to attend.

The form is a little confusing so please be advised of the following instructions:

  • Veterans will be able to bring along a spouse if applicable and also a carer (who may be a family member) if needed
  • Widows will be able to bring along one guest or carer, who may be a family member.
  • Where a veteran has no spouse, a member of their family is allowed to accompany them as their carer.
  • You may not bring a member of your family (i.e. son/daughter) and a carer if there is no spouse as the member of your family will act as your carer – this is where the form is confusing.
  • Where a veteran and a spouse both need a carer, please contact

Otherwise all forms must be returned to the Royal British Legion direct by 24th July (the form says 17th July 2015 but this has been extended)

The form for accreditation for Veterans and Widows (Blue highlighted form) can be downloaded from the British Legion website under Remembrance VJ Day

Photographic proof of identity will be required

  1. Accreditation for Direct Descendants – (Red Highlighted Form)

(To attend the Drumhead Service only).

Where a veteran is no longer with us, or is unable to make the journey to London in person to attend the commemorations, there is the opportunity for one of their direct descendants to attend a key element of the VJ 70 commemorations on their behalf; the Drumhead Service which will take place from 14:00 – 14:30 on Horse Guards Parade.

The form for accreditation for Direct Descendants can be downloaded from the British Legion website under Remembrance VJ Day

 All forms must be returned to the Royal British Legion direct by 24th July (the form says 17th July 2015 but this has been extended)

Photographic proof of identity will be required

There will also be a facility to claim a financial contribution towards travel expenses. This contribution will be available for veterans, spouses (if applicable) and one guest/ carer. Or, for widows, plus one guest/ carer. Further details for how to claim this will be provided directly once accreditation has been successfully submitted and confirmation received. Please keep all your receipts.

It was expected that all submissions will be approved – with accreditation confirmation, joining instructions and pass collection details provided to all confirmed guests – no later than 24 July, but now that the deadline for applications has been extended to 24th July it is likely to be later.